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Planned Proposal designed by Grit+Gold

We were so excited to be a part of this very special styled shoot. John reached out to us to help design a styled shoot for his girlfriend Janet. But not any styled shoot. He wanted her to think that they were just doing a shoot together but it would actually end up being his proposal to her. OMG! We were elated and ready to get to work designing a concept!  It’s a sign of true love when your fiance-to-be sets up a photographer, a stylist, a hair and makeup artist, and even rents some very cool vintage props. Our shoot took place at the shop of Sugar Bee Sweets where we set a ice cream parlour themed table. We started with just shooting in the car, Dolly, which Janet was well aware of. Then we moved to the ice cream portion of the shoot. They were adorable as they played with sprinkles and toppings. Then the moment came where John got down on one knee and asked Janet’s hand in marriage. Ya’ll it was the sweetest moment and were were just overjoyed to be part of it. Congrats you two!

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Vendor Lineup:

Design + Planning: Grit + Gold

Photography: Jonathan Ivy Photography

Vintage Props: Rent My Dust

Makeup and Hair: Lashes & Curls by Cerly

Location: Sugar Bee Sweets

Classic Car Rental: Bowtie Vintage Classics