New site up for The Fort Conference

We are so honored to have spent time with 15 individuals that represented 15 local businesses. We shared our fears, our triumphs and our goals. By the end of the day, we were able to attack them all with plans in place and wine in hand. 🙂 I feel lucky to have been just two days by your side to teach, learn and grow together. Excited to see you all get uncomfortable, to take on new challenges and to set your sights high taking your business to the next level of success. Excited to already be in preparation for the 2016 class scheduled for March 23rd and 24th. Now check out the site!



Floral Arranging Class with Oh Deery

One of my favorite things about having a bigger and better studio is the fact that we can open our doors to more people and host more workshops. It’s so fulfilling to connect with different people that share the same love of creation and beauty. What a blessing! Love these images by Peyton Frank of our bouquet & bout class with Oh Deery Floral. Sweets courtesy of the lovely Hurley House. Many more classes to come! Some on the calendar now are cupping with Craftwork Coffee, brush lettering with Mint + Maple, and wreath making with Oh Deery for the holiday. More info on the classes can be found here.

Floral Workshop4 Floral Workshop2 Floral Workshop Floral Workshop3 Floral Workshop8 Floral Workshop5 Floral Workshop6 Floral Workshop9 Floral Workshop7 Floral Workshop1

Bridal Styling with Charla Storey Photography

There’s nothing more lovely than a timelessly styled bridal session. We partnered with some favorites in the industry: Something You , Oh Deery Floral, Charla Storey Photography , chose a beautiful Justin Alexander gown at Bliss Bridal, and chose a hidden garden site at Rose chapel. Our team worked directly with the bride on various ways to holding her gown, posture, hands, and bouquet. Gearing our imagery towards a clean and fine art look. We are so happy to have shared some great tips and tricks to our students at the Fort Conference!

dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral2 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral9 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral6 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral8 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral10 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral7 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral5 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral11 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral3 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-bridal-session-charla-storey-photography-oh-deery-floral4

Styling with Ginny Au


I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely and crazy talented Ginny Au for tips on styling, design and taking about the overall experience we set for our clients. It was a fabulous day held at Hickory Street Annex with talented vendors such as Bows and Arrows, Frou Frou Chic, Signora Emare, Wallflower Management, Samuelle Couture, Script Merchant and more! Thankful for these images by Charla Storey to capture the fun. We discussed styling in a natural setting, letting our approach be humble and authentic with a minimal and effortless look. Being expressive, intentional and passionate. Tempting all the senses with fragrant floral, lighting and tangible mood boards. Creating an environment for clients to experience the journey of design. Oh did I love this class!! Ginny you are indeed a genius. Thank you for inspiring Grit + Gold to be better, and to see the world in all it’s beauty.

 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop9 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop2 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop10 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop8 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop11 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop3 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop12 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop13 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop14 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop15

Floral Crown Workshop with RLove Floral

This is a first class to many that will be coming soon to Grit + Gold. RLove will be hosting a series of floral lovin’ classes such as this one on how to construct a floral crown, styling hand picked bouquets, deconstruction and recipes for bouquet makin’, setting the table with centerpiece style, and a holiday wreath workshop. Stay tuned for dates and details. Thank you to Lemons & Tea Photography for shooting the class!

floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold4 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold2 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold3 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold5 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold6 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold7 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold8 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold9