A Holiday Party with Poo-Pourri

Two of my favorite things collided in the production of this event, one… meeting the amazing people behind Poo-Pourri  (if you don’t know, now you know) and getting to work within the walls of a building that was once St. John’s Methodist Church built in 1911. The space is simply inspiring! Joining a team of incredible vendors, we coordinated the holiday event for the corporate folks of Poo-Pourri complete with aerial show, casino tables, photo booth and fun details all around.


Vendor Lineup : Planning | Grit + Gold | Design | Yeti & the Beast | Floral garlands | Oh Deery | Taxidermy Floral | Bows and Arrows | Catering | Henrys Majestic | Lighting | Beyond | Videography | Tyler and Lindsay | Photography | Nine Photography | Rentals | Ducky Bobs | Bella Acento | Suite 206 | Olive Bench | PartyPit Casino Games | Photo booth | Shutter Booth | Aerialist Team

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Party Like a Pineapple

For the pineapple of my eye, nothing could have been more perfect for my Saylor Rue. We partied like pineapples with fun tropical themed cookies, sweets,
pineapple drinks, and a fun and festive table setting for the littles. Kiddo’s enjoyed a blow up water slide for entertainment, hotdogs for a yummy treat, while adults played croquet.

Vendor Credits: Planning and Design – Grit + Gold  | Photography- www.charlastorey.com | Cake and cupcakes – www.hurley-house.com | Pineapple, flamingo, palm tree cookies – www.jraes.com | Floral – Mom- Grit + Gold (Central Market) | Party Décor – http://www.northstarballoons.com/  www.orientaltrading.com/ | Petite Table Rentals www.taylors.com |
Invites: www.artbyellie.com/

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Summertime brunch’n with The Brides of North Texas

 View More: http://stephanierosephoto.pass.us/bont-brunch-fall-winter-2015

When life gives you lemons, add vodka and throw a party.  That is just what we did when coming up with the concept for the Fall/Winter 2015 reveal for the Brides of North Texas.  Grit and Gold was privileged with the honor of planning & styling their semiannual brunch at the historic T&P Station. To beat the Texas summer heat, we designed a lawn feel, bringing the outdoors inside. 

Black and white honeycomb linens perfectly complemented the 1920s architecture of the venue while allowing the flowers to pop. Arrangements from Stems of Dallas displaying orange tulips, yellow ranunculus, hydrangeas, and combinations of mangos, apricots and lemons caught everyone’s eye and smelled good enough to eat. Everyone was sent away with a yummy lemon bar treat from The Jenny Layne Bakery.

Lounge furniture, boxwood hedges, and large umbrellas lent a feel of an easy garden party and made everybody feel right at home.  Top vendors of the area were able to mingle with ease while sipping on mimosas and sampling some southern favorites like chicken and waffles. 

Catering |Bonnells| Tabletop Rentals  |Posh Couture| Bars + outdoor furniture |AFR Rentals | greenery + hedge walls | Propmaker | Photography |Stephanie Rose| Linens | BBJ | Calligraphy | Design Roots |

fort-w21orth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom8 fort-worth-wedding-6planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom View More: http://stephanierosephoto.pass.us/bont-brunch-fall-winter-2015 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom13 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom12 fort-w20orth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-15worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-pla5nner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom3 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom16 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom7 View More: http://stephanierosephoto.pass.us/bont-brunch-fall-winter-2015 View More: http://stephanierosephoto.pass.us/bont-brunch-fall-winter-2015 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom14

Merry & Bright

As we near the end of another prosperous year, I can’t help but to reflect back at the first thoughts of what was to become Grit + Gold. It was created with love and passion for design but more importantly built around connecting with people. I believe that people are the greatest asset to this business. If it weren’t for clients, vendors and great support from those whom I love around me, it would not have flourished so much in just two little years. We have reorganized, reprioritized, and built a great brand. We have refocused on “who” our client is and “how” to market to them. We’ve spent countless hours looking over our work, understanding where we lack and committing to making improvements that will in turn make Grit + Gold stronger than ever in 2015. We are going to focus on cleaner designing in 2015 and more focus on business mindedness. Out with the wasted funds and in with larger profit margins. Ah and the art of saying “no”. We continue to be dedicated to quality and not just riding trends.

We are going to be built to last not just hype. No grit, no pearl. xoxo

Credits: Food by Nosredna Catering | Calligraphy by Harts & Quills | Styling and floral by Grit + Gold Truffles by Crème de la Crème | Personalized Poetry by Typewriter Poet | Photography by Charla Storey Photography

designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner7 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner5 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner12 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner3 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner8 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner9 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner2 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner4 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner14 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner6 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner10 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner11 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner13 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner15 designer-blog-style-cocktail-party-dallas-interior-grit-and-gold-fort-worth-wedding-planner16




Katie & David renew their “I Do’s”

Excited to share this beautiful renewal! Katie and David married 10 years ago. Everything was perfect! Lots of time went into the details and all were in place. The day went off without a hitch. Anyone would have said it was complete perfection. Well that was until weeks and months, even years later when the couple found themselves in a very ugly situation with their contracted photographer. You see he never produced their images. YEs! You heard me right! NEVER. A couple’s worst nightmare come true. Turns out the reputable and known photographer just lost it, burned dozens of couples and took off with their money and yes… images. Not a shred of memory was given to them. Nothing!

So fast forward 10 years. Katie, an industry friend and owner of Two Blue Shoes Photography came to us and wanted the best to pull off her renewal. Well, maybe I am a bit biased but we pulled together some of the most talented people in the biz to pull off this very special visit down memory lane. This time we’d make sure everything was captured for these two.

Thanks to an amazing team!! Nine Photography | R Love Floral | Posh Couture Rentals | Sugar Bee Sweets | Harts & Quills | Gold Dust Vintage Lip Service (Makeup) and Renn Traylor (Hair) | Splendor Films | The Orchard| and of course styling, planning and design my Grit + Gold

dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal13 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal3 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal2 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal8 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal4 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal5 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal15 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal6 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal7 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal10 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal11 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal12 dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-nine-photography-vow-renewal9