Engaged | Heidi + Stephen


Heidi was a leasing agent at the apartment complex Stephen used to live at. Stephen, being the friendly man he is, would often visit with the office staff, usually bringing them delicious cookies to share since he used to work for Kraft. A month after Heidi began her job at the complex, it was clear to everyone who Stephen was really coming in to see. Heidi had a feeling that he liked her, but it was still technically unknown.

It was on Heidi’s birthday when Stephen called asking for her, but alas, she wasn’t there. Heidi’s coworker told her who had called and continued to gush about how much he seemed to liked her! He was making her speechless and Heidi told her mother about it. Her mother suggested that if anyone has the ability to do that to you, then you should definitely go out with them.

Finally, Stephen walked into her office while she was on a conference call, too busy to speak to him, so he placed a card on her desk. The card simply asked for her to go on a coffee date with him. After a week, they did and they have been inseparable since.

After all these years, Heidi still has that hand-written card that started it all.

Images by Stefanie Rose Photography!

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