Carly & Javier | The Mason Dallas

Having wedding plans derailed by a pandemic was the last thing on Carly’s mind as she dreamed of her large, ballroom wedding overlooking the Dallas skyline. The plan was to bring all their family together from New York, to Ohio, all the way to El Salvador. Very few were local, so this wedding was BIG deal to the family as getting together was proven to be quite difficult. With a year of planning underway and a date set for March of 2020, the world was changed in the blink of an eye. The bride’s venue was cancelled and travel bans affected almost her entire guest list. Even though there was no Plan C (Covid) at the time, our team quickly went to work. We, first, determined how many people could actually attend so that we could find an appropriate new venue. Our new number was 30. Thirty of the bride and groom’s closest local friends and family. We reserved The Mason, a recently renovated and historic venue in Dallas. The venue itself was inspiring for the day, and lended so much in the way of detail. Setting our new date in August, we then were able to shift our entire team over and “new plan” was in full effect. It was a creative plan to say the least. 🙂 The bride and groom spent the entire day at the old mansion, getting ready, enjoying time with their small group. The idea was to have a really relaxed day.


Under a chuppah, made by family friends, they were united and took a moment to sign their ketubah with a few witnesses. After their intimate ceremony, guests sipped on champagne and looked on as the couple had their special dances. A moment NOT to be missed. Following they cut their cake and mingled with guests. The bride and groom didn’t want to fuss with the details of holding a dinner reception. Another reminder of their original wedding plans that had been halted. Instead, we worked with the catering vendor to take the deposit that has been paid and use it towards an in home dinner experience. So when our festivities at the Mason were completed, the small group headed to the private home of the bride & groom for a lovely lowkey night. In times such as these, we are reminded of the beauty in the simple gestures and small gatherings. ❤️



| Design –GRIT & GOLD | Invitations – Pretty Post  | Venue – The Mason Dallas |  MUA –  Meg B Beauty  | Rentals – Marquee | Entertainment – DJ Jason Esquire | Cake – Shannon Star Cakes | Catering – Vestals  |  Bridal Dress – Ti Adora | Dress Retailer – Lulu’s Bridal 


Beautiful Dallas Bridals with Perez Photography

AHH now that this lovely lady is official Mrs. Stephens, we can show you a peek at her beautiful bridals by Perez Photography. Isn’t she just lovely in this custom gown by the very talented Khanh Nguyen, one of Stanley Korshak’s in-house designers. And that bouquet!! The Southern Table knocked that one out of the park! Cannot wait to share their wedding day!

dallas-wedding-p3erez-photography-the-southern-table-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold dallas-wedding-perez-photography-the-southern-table-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold2 dallas-wedding-perez-photography-the-southern-table-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold

Jill’s Bridals at Hickory Street Annex

Swooning after these bridals by Charla Storey with floral hair piece and bouquet by RLove Floral. Gosh I love my team!! Congrats Jill! You are so beautiful inside and out!

dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner2dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner4 dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner3 dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-plannerdallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner7dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner5 dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner8 dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner9  dallas-bridals-hickory-street-annex-dallas-wedding-planner6



Bohemian Styled Bridals in Grapevine Texas

Let me start by saying I love my Texas. The terrain is just overwhelmingly breathtaking at times. We wanted to show off a bit of mountainscape, yes Texas has mountains just north of Dallas.Words from the designer:
I took some of my favorite elements and just mixed them all together. Organic gathered floral with bits of market style arrangements, beautiful china settings, great vintage trunks, tons of brass and a hodgepodge of textured pillows and patterned blankets. All together gave a perfect natural yet bohemian setting. And the location… be still my heart. Look at the beauty of those rocks paired with the serenity of the still water. The shoot was just a POP of the right color, fantastic natural inspired stationary and finished off with a beautiful croquembouche cake. Each detail was pulled from the inspiration from our earth around us, whether a cliff, rock or blade of wild foliage, all is awe-inspiring.

dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table-- dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table--- dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table-1 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table- dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table6 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table2 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table4 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table5 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table7 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table8 dallas-bride-grapevine-rockledge-park-bohemian-gypsy-wedding-inspired-grit-and-gold-charla-storey-photography-the-southern-table3

Design/Coordination: Grit+Gold | Custom Furniture pieces: Cafe con Leche | Custom Chair: Kiki Preston | Photography: Charla Storey | Floral: The Southern Table | Paper: Yeti and the Beast | Gown: The Bridal Boutique Lewisville | Gown Designer: Annasul Y | Makeup/Hair: KO Girl by Tia Vang | Furniture: Rent My Dust  | Tabletop Items: Anthropologie | Baker: Layered Bake Shop | Jewelry:  Estie Made

Viva El Amor |A Cinco Inspired Shoot|

We had so much fun pulling this shoot together for Ruffled Blog. The location was River Ranch in Fort Worth. The cacti there is unbelievable. The perfect setting for our color crazy cinco shoot!  I love my GRIT + GOLD team!

grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot- grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-07 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-09 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-12 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-18 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-32 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-40 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-46 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-51 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-65 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-68 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-73 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-80 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-82 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-87 grit-and-gold-dallas-wedding-planner-nine-photography-technicolor-cinco-de-mayo-shoot-90 Pictures1

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Shoot Location: Dallas, TX / Photographer: Nine Photography / Event Design: Grit+Gold / Floral Design: We + You / Hair and Makeup: KOgirl by Tia Vang / Desserts: Esperanzas Breads/Cookies / Rentals: Rent My Dust / Papel Picado: Ay Mujer / Paper Goods: Caroline Creates / Transportation: Bowtie Vintage Classics