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Jules + Chris | Iceland Elopement

Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding17

When I first met Julie and Chris, I knew they were genuine. We started planning their dream wedding, had settled into a private residence venue with history and charm. Both are in the real estate business so they can really appreciate a beautiful dwelling. All the details were starting to come together and after some soul searching the two decided they REALLY wanted to be married, like NOW. 🙂 Julie & Chris decided to go in a completely different direction so the elopement planning ensued!  Their dream location to wed, Iceland. With the help of Iris and Light, the two boarded a plane with destination set to Búðir church and hotel.

Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding5 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding43 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding30 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding6 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding27 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding9 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding10 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding12 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding4 Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding15  Iceland-Wedding-Budir079Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding26Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding21Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding33Iceland-destination-wedding-Búðir, Snafellsnes-irisandlight-destination-wedding28Iceland-Wedding-Budir125

California Love ~Hillary + Connor

We are head over heels in love with the sweetest proposal we’ve ever seen. We met up with Hillary to get the scoop on how Connor was able to hide all these details from her!! See what she had to say and feast on these gorgeous captures by Sara Klepacki. And of course our team is pumped for their LA wedding at 440 Seaton!
What is the significance of the location where Connor took you? 
Connor loved Palos Verdes Cove and came here growing up.
Describe the day? The black dress and shoes? 
“A week ago Connor asked if we could get breakfast in Palos Verdes with some good friends who were visiting California from out of town. Halfway along the hour long journey from southern Orange County, we received a text from our friends that they were running a bit late so Connor suggested that we walk along the cliffs until they were ready to eat. Completely oblivious as to what was about to take place, I agreed but complained about my feet (in heels) as we journeyed down the steep cliff edging the Pacific. As we were walking I noticed what looked like a small sign. When we neared I heard the notes of the song we first danced to years back on our first date. The sign read “Put on your old black dress and grab your dancing shoes”. There hanging on the sign was my favorite black dress and a pair of vans (my favorite kicks). Before I could say a word, I heard my name and turned to see my best friend, Holly Beth, from Charleston who I hadn’t seen in a year, headed down the hill towards us. I knew at that point what was happening and could barely breathe. Holly held up a towel while I changed into my dress. As I sat down, Connor began putting my shoes on. In the first shoe, I felt something in the toe. Connor pulled out the box, opened it and slid my grandmothers ring on my finger. The next thing I know we are dancing and I see my sisters headed down the hill towards us as well as more than 40 of our closest friends cheering from the top of the cliff. After many hugs and tears from my sisters we walked up to the top of the cliff to a perfectly set table.”
Who was in on the surprise? 
“I think everyone I know was in on the surprise. I found out Connor has been planning everything since he asked for my grandmothers ring back at the beginning of March. All of my family and friends were there and had helped out in making the day what it was!”
What was your favorite part of the day? 
“My favorite part of the day was eating with all my family and friends after the proposal. The long community setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean atop the most beautiful cliff. It was the most beautiful and awe-inspiring moment to be able to look around and feel so undeservingly loved and supported. I have the most incredible family and friends and most of all the Lord for creating it all to begin with.”
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Engaged | Melodie + Will

We couldn’t be happier for these two adorable people who will wed next week! Thankful to be witness to this next chapter of your lives! And these beautiful images in Chattanooga by Texture Photo.

chattanooga-engagement-session-dallas-wedding-planner2 chattanooga3-engagement-session-dallas-wedding-planner 12508989_2647590187547_1385842642166276095_n 12592227_2647599907790_1391202815457926406_n 12654644_2647621188322_8941047675586239274_n chattanooga-engagement-session-dallas-wedding-planner6 12642702_2647598947766_5768001974147783241_n 12651053_2647589547531_3878410040854340755_n 12651225_2647596187697_4829289390548710713_n chattanooga-engagement-session-dallas-wedding-planner chattanooga-engagement-session-dallas-wedding-planner4 12642990_2647622668359_2947260219024759590_n

Styled Editorial | Rosewood Mansion


Inspired by the artistic traditions of Europe, we took our vibrant palette of deep jewel tones, terra cotta and heavy greenery to execute a lush and moody rendering. The Rosewood Mansion with its 16th century Renaissance influence created the perfect backdrop for our design. Our tabletop consisted of wood and steel constructed tables paired with upholstered chairs from AFR. All tabletop décor was kept clean and simple so not to compete with our terracotta stucco backdrop and ornate floral table runner. We used Versace dinnerware from POSH along with Pure stemware and beautiful Cutipol Rondo gold flatware. The floral runner by Lush Couture Floral was a dream! Full of color, movement and depth the runner poured from the mouth of a terra cotta tilting pot and cascaded down to the ground. Our invite suite was beautiful executed by Clara Doyle. With torn linen paper edging, the suite played nicely into our natural feel and Mediterranean influence as well as paired beautifully with the jewels of Shapiro DiamondsJar Cakery perfectly captured the pattern from the pillows on our tabletop and we kept the cake floral minimal with a simple swoop of bougainvillea. The bar was so much fun to style. I love the natural, lived in quality of a good mixed cocktail. We went for a Mint and Walnut Julep with beautiful details such as fresh mint, walnuts, Italian Port Wine, figs and a touch of Belgium linens. Our beautiful model was dolled up by Wendy Zerrudo with a soft updo and later was dropped for romantic waves. Our dresses from Winnie Couture were the sight of sophistication and romance with soft detailing in lace cap sleeves, intricate backing and soft silhouette lines.

Photography Credit: Taylor Lord

Pictures6 Pictures3 taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold21 Pictures4 ta4ylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold30taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold2 Pictures15 ta4ylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-goldtaylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold5 Pictures5 taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold10 taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold18 taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold19 taylor-lord-dallas-wedding-film-photographer-rosewood-mansion-turtle-creek-dallas-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold20