New site up for The Fort Conference

We are so honored to have spent time with 15 individuals that represented 15 local businesses. We shared our fears, our triumphs and our goals. By the end of the day, we were able to attack them all with plans in place and wine in hand. ūüôā I feel lucky to have been just two days by your side to teach, learn and grow together. Excited to see you all get uncomfortable, to take on new challenges and to set your sights high taking your business to the next level of success. Excited to already be in preparation for the 2016 class scheduled for March 23rd and 24th. Now check out the site!



Floral Crown Workshop with RLove Floral

This is a first class to many that will be coming soon to Grit + Gold. RLove will be hosting a series of floral lovin’ classes such as this one on how to construct a floral crown, styling hand picked bouquets, deconstruction and recipes for bouquet makin’, setting the table with centerpiece style, and a holiday wreath workshop. Stay tuned for dates and details. Thank you to Lemons & Tea Photography for shooting the class!

floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold4 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold2 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold3 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold5 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold6 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold7 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold8 floral-crown-class-workshop-creative-studio-grit-and-gold9


Calligraphy Workshop with ~Design Roots~

We had a blast partnering with Design Roots to bring our first calligraphy class in the G+G studio. There will be many more my friends! A huge thank you to Stir Crazy for the sweet treats, Kate Foley for the lovely blooms and Charla Storey for capturing the fun! Stay tuned for more classes to be announced!       

calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots2calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots11 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots3calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots10 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots  calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots4 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots5 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots6 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots7 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots8 calligraphy-class-workshop-creative-fort-worth-studio-design-grit-and-gold-design-roots9

{Engaged} Louise + Matt

I just love playing with friends! We partnered with Charla Storey Photography, Something-You Makeup Artistry, and The Southern Table to style these super sweet engagements for real couple, Louise + Matt. We cannot wait until their June wedding at Heart at the Ranch.

fort-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey11 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey6 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey2 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey22 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey26 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey3 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey23 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey25 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey4 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey30 fort-worth-wedding-planner-canoe-engagements-grit-and-gold-charla-storey20

Our Space

Fort Worth, TX — ¬†Locally owned Grit + Gold is a wedding one stop shop, including all the necessary talent for creating beautiful weddings. After months of preparation, Grit + Gold has opened doors to the public. This design studio is one of kind, with fresh new concepts geared to the eclectic, organic, artsy, and ‚Äúoutside the box‚ÄĚ brides.

Grit + Gold is the first wedding collective to hit Fort Worth turf. With a simple concept in mind, the shop will provide everything under one roof including: vintage transportation, planning & design, photography, floral design, custom paper, and cinematography.

Owner, Lottie Fowler says, ‚ÄúWe desperately wanted to bring something new to our clients. So partnering with some of the freshest talents in the biz was an¬†easy¬†decision to make.‚ÄĚ

With a combined industry knowledge and experience exceeding 30 years, this wedding A-Team is ready to take Dallas-Fort Worth by storm. The team’s accolades are impressive with local, national and international recognition for quality. Grit + Gold is setting a benchmark for style and service.

dallas-wedding-planner-designer-southern-wedding-collective-grit-and-gold dallas-wedding-planner-designer-southern-wedding-collective-grit-and-gold dallas-wedding-planner-designer-southern-wedding-collective-grit-and-gold

Scheduled appointments only.

(Photo Credit: Nine Photography)