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Grit + Gold opens fresh digs on Camp Bowie

After two years on the Northside, we decided it was time to expand and to relocate. We hooked up with an architect, Domeo Design Build  and Jensen Commercial to build out the vision. While the process was extensive, we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Excited for new beginnings, a beautiful new space for our clients and the community that comes with Camp Bowie!

Photos and feature thanks to FWLOCALS.COM

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Summertime brunch’n with The Brides of North Texas

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When life gives you lemons, add vodka and throw a party.  That is just what we did when coming up with the concept for the Fall/Winter 2015 reveal for the Brides of North Texas.  Grit and Gold was privileged with the honor of planning & styling their semiannual brunch at the historic T&P Station. To beat the Texas summer heat, we designed a lawn feel, bringing the outdoors inside. 

Black and white honeycomb linens perfectly complemented the 1920s architecture of the venue while allowing the flowers to pop. Arrangements from Stems of Dallas displaying orange tulips, yellow ranunculus, hydrangeas, and combinations of mangos, apricots and lemons caught everyone’s eye and smelled good enough to eat. Everyone was sent away with a yummy lemon bar treat from The Jenny Layne Bakery.

Lounge furniture, boxwood hedges, and large umbrellas lent a feel of an easy garden party and made everybody feel right at home.  Top vendors of the area were able to mingle with ease while sipping on mimosas and sampling some southern favorites like chicken and waffles. 

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fort-w21orth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom8 fort-worth-wedding-6planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom View More: fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom13 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom12 fort-w20orth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-15worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-pla5nner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom3 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom16 fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom7 View More: View More: fort-worth-wedding-planner-grit-and-gold-tandpballroom14

Styling with Ginny Au


I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely and crazy talented Ginny Au for tips on styling, design and taking about the overall experience we set for our clients. It was a fabulous day held at Hickory Street Annex with talented vendors such as Bows and Arrows, Frou Frou Chic, Signora Emare, Wallflower Management, Samuelle Couture, Script Merchant and more! Thankful for these images by Charla Storey to capture the fun. We discussed styling in a natural setting, letting our approach be humble and authentic with a minimal and effortless look. Being expressive, intentional and passionate. Tempting all the senses with fragrant floral, lighting and tangible mood boards. Creating an environment for clients to experience the journey of design. Oh did I love this class!! Ginny you are indeed a genius. Thank you for inspiring Grit + Gold to be better, and to see the world in all it’s beauty.

 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop9 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop2 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop10 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop8 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop11 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop3 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop12 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop13 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop14 dallas-wedding-stylist-ginny-au-workshop15

Xing + Mengchao | Garden Wedding Bliss

These two were so sweet to work with! I found myself incapable of not smiling when I saw them interact. Just joyous and giddy in love! Xing was sure of a soft palette design so our team swooped in to create the simplest of details keeping the setting light and airy with a garden feel.

fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas2 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas7 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas3 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas4 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas5 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas6 marty-leonard-wedding-fort-worth-grit-and-gold fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas8 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas9 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas12 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas11 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas13 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas14 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas1 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas15 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas16 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas30 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas20 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas23 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas31 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas21 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas25 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas26 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas22 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas24 fort-worth-japanese-garden-wedding-grit-and-gold-wedding-planner-dallas33

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