Therese + Tony | Private Estate

We are in love with Therese + Tony’s romantic private estate wedding. You couldn’t find a more unique and interesting couple. Therese technically titled “Lady Therese”, crowned in Ireland and hailing from the St Thomas family, heirs to the Guinness Empire, and groom, a decorated USN pilot, these two had impeccable taste. Their affair was one with intimate purpose, only 11 guests joined at a Private Estate setting where the two held a Celtic Knot ceremony, lawn cocktails, and a 4 course meal fit for a king. Our team created a sophisticated design that paid tribute to Therese’s Irish heritage while keeping certain elements relaxed so that Tony’s family would feel right at home. Therese will later hold another ceremony in Ireland among her family members. Although small in guest count, the night sacrificed nothing in accommodations. From curated cocktails to sweet tooth delicacies, their guests were surprised with goodies around every corner. Cheers,




  1. What a happy memories! Beautiful wedding!

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